GNT Cyber Security Scholarship, FAQ's


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Just 25 Minutes of your Time

You can take the test online at any time or date between now and the 26th Nov, 2020.

It is basically an I.Q Test and it also test you on basic knowledge of computer use, so You should expect normal I.Q Test Questions and also Questions on Basic Computer/ IT Knowledge.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You’ll just have to wait till next year to take the late 2021 version of the test (IF THERE WOULD BE ONE).

You could call 234 229 14019, 08033461189 OR

After the GNT-SAT, all successful candidates would still be assisted to help the choose the best , most worthwhile & most profitable career option based on their individuality, interest and academic level.

YES! You need to know the basics of how to operate a computer to do minor tasks like surfing the web. If you lack this knowledge, kindly contact us for more options and careers in Information Technology to assist you achieve your dream.

No it is not, you can be of any status,gender, age(minimum of 15 years), religion, academic background but YOU MUST BE RESIDENT IN NIGERIA

Yes it is and you score 10 points for doing so.

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